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09th Jan 2014

Video: Johnny Football’s greatest moments are pretty great

A gloriously arrogant manboy, watching Johnny 'Football' Manziel's best moments is a real treat


A gloriously arrogant manboy, watching Johnny ‘Football’ Manziel’s best moments is a real treat

Texas A&M were more than aware that they were losing one of the best quarterbacks to play the college game, and they have made a pretty fantastic video to thank him for the great moments he gave their fans during his time under centre.

Manziel is arrogant, something which comes across on the field, but he has the talent to back it up, and we have to admit that we really love seeing that.

Johnny Football, as he is affectionately known (what a nickname that is) grabbed headlines for the wrong reasons at the start of the season after getting embroiled in a controversy which involved him apparently selling autographs for profit, but a fairly fuzzy judgement was brought down on him where he was banned for half a game. He declared for the draft this year, and is projected to go early in the first round, and we can’t wait to see him in the NFL.

Hat-tip to Bleacher Report for the vid