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Video: Last night’s NFL game featured the TD of the year and a very unusual ending
Dolphins v Bengals certainly had its moments...

Dolphins v Bengals certainly had its moments...

Thursday night’s games in the NFL have been pretty crappy so far, with teams looking visibly undercooked and unprepared. Last night’s game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Miami Dolphins was no exception, with loads of turnovers and mistakes.

However, the game did throw up two moments that will be in every end-of-season highlights package.

The first was this incredible TD by Bengals running back Gio Bernard, who goes one way, then the other, beating virtually every Dolphin on his way to the end zone.

The other moment is not so epic, but it is incredibly rare. In overtime, after both teams traded field goals, Andy Dalton managed to get sacked in his own end zone, conceding a safety and the game to the Dolphins.

Dalton safety

GIF via Bleacher Report

It’s only the third time in the history of the NFL a game in OT has been ended by a safety.


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