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28th Jul 2014

Video: Ridiculous 41-shot table tennis rally is ridiculous

Best bit of the Commonwealth Games so far...


Best bit of the Commonwealth Games so far…

Back in the day, JOE was a bit of a table tennis shark, with many an hour spent displaying our top-spin skills at the local youth club. Sadly age and years on end chained to a desk at JOE Towers has seen our skills diminish to such a level that we rarely even watch the sport these days.

However, a superb clip from a match at the Commonwealth Games has reignited our love of the sport. This incredible rally, between Nigeria’s Segun Toriola and Singapore’s Ning Gao is just wonderful to watch as Toriola is playing shots so far from the table he is closer to Edinburgh than Glasgow.

We’re off to play across the table in the kitchen at lunchtime…