Video: St. Jude’s GAA club recreate famous ‘Garbage Man’ song from The Simpsons and it’s fantastic 8 years ago

Video: St. Jude’s GAA club recreate famous ‘Garbage Man’ song from The Simpsons and it’s fantastic

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As absolutely massive fans of The Simpsons in JOE Towers, we can only take our hats off to everyone involved in this production for St. Jude’s GAA club in Dublin. It’s outstanding.

With money a little bit tight in a lot of clubs around the country, GAA clubs everywhere have had to come up with their own novel ideas to raise a few quid in recent years.

St. Jude’s of Templeogue in Dublin recently staged a ‘Strictly St. Jude's’ event in the Citywest Hotel and as part of the contest, all participating dancers had to generate idea concepts to be played before they came out and danced their hearts out.


The winning concept, by Neville O'Boyle (owner of Key Waste) and Dee Maher and produced with the help of Kevin Rowe Events, was a recreation the famous ‘Garbage Man’ song from the ‘Trash of the Titans’ episode of The Simpsons, where Homer becomes sanitation commissioner with disastrous results.

After eight hours of filming, the end result is simply superb and, as Simpsons fans will realise, is extremely faithful to the Garbage Man song itself, from the collection of an unwanted porn stash to the lads playing the roles of U2 and showing their bare arses in the bar. Just have a look at the original version below and you’ll see for yourself.

We can only imagine the work that went into the production of the video but it sure as hell paid off and it goes to show the type of thing that GAA volunteers can do when they’re all pulling together for a worthy cause.


Bravo to all involved, this really is outstanding stuff.

Thanks to Kevin Rowe of Kevin Rowe events for sending this our way