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30th Nov 2015

VIDEO: The Mountain from Game of Thrones has once again completed ‘Beast Mode’

Just set him against the White Walkers

Paul Moore

Just set him against the White Walkers.

We’ve got absolutely no idea about how Game of Thrones might end, but it seems likely that those pesky White Walkers might try and scale The Wall and invade the Seven Kingdom in an effort to eradicate life as we know it. Those little scamps.

If ever there was a character in the show that has the potential to chuck a few of these ice zombies back over the 700 foot wall then it’s Sandor Clegane aka The Mountain aka Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson.

We’ve already seen the 400 pound Björnsson break some incredible weightlifting records but take a look at his most recent effort as he manages to throw a 33 pound keg 23 feet into the air.

If the army of the undead ever manages to make its way to King’s Landing then they might be hurled back over the walls because this is seriously impressive stuff.