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Video: This 10-year-old New Zealander's rugby skills are off the charts
His name is Chicago Doyle, and he is one seriously talented youngster.

His name is Chicago Doyle, and he is one seriously talented youngster.

While soccer prodigies pop up quite frequently, you don't get too many in rugby. If you do, they tend to be at least well into their teens and already making a name for themselves at schools or underage level.

But things, as you might expect, are a bit different in rugby mad New Zealand. There you can be touted as the next big thing at the tender age of 10. Meet Chicago Doyle (let's bask in that fantastic name for a bit too), a 10-year-old from Auckland who plays for a Pakuranga Rugby Club.

Chicago is, without a doubt, possessed with one of the best steps we've ever seen. He may be facing other 10-year-olds, in a Sevens game, but it is a lightning quick move. He isn't just a showman either. In this video he demonstrates burning pace, ability under the high ball, a massive nous for evading tackles and and pretty much every skill you would ever want in a rugby player.

Okay, he is only a child, born in 2003, but there is clearly massive potential there.


An All Black in waiting perhaps, unless with that surname we can nab him for Ireland...


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