Video: This dancing hockey fan is our new favourite person 8 years ago

Video: This dancing hockey fan is our new favourite person

“Shake ya ass, but watch yourself. Shake ya ass, show me what you're working with.”

In the Columbus Blue Jackets' first home game of the NHL season, they were inspired to defeat the New York Rangers by one man… and his body.


Nicknamed 'Dancing Kevin' by local media, the fan who we presume is named Kevin has now become famous throughout the league for his sensual dance moves after he was captured on camera rocking out to DJ Snake & Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What” during an interval in play.

Not content with making some incredibly disturbing faces, it takes all of about two seconds for him to take off his top and start dancing with the team mascot Labatt Bear.

Kevin also understands the importance of hydration as he downs two energy drinks at once to fuel his barrage of seductive dance moves*. He reminds us of the quiet co-worker at the office Christmas party who ends up dancing on the tables after a few too many scoops but we can't fault his enthusiasm.

You keep on boogying Kevin…


*We don't actually find his dancing seductive in any way, shape or form.

Video via Columbus Blue Jackets.