Video: This has to be most unbelievably biased rugby commentary of all time 5 years ago

Video: This has to be most unbelievably biased rugby commentary of all time

We should warn you that there are a few profanities in here, but if you don’t mind putting up with that, this is great craic to listen to.

If you’re listening to commentary on a major match on national television you naturally expect the commentator to be fair and unbiased, but if we’re being honest, the most entertaining commentaries come from those who have a vested interest in proceedings and allow their passion to get the better of them.

We’ve heard some great accounts of GAA club games from local radio stations in recent weeks and Michael Corcoran’s telling of Connacht’s memorable victory in Toulouse on Sunday was great too and while this latest example dates back nearly 20 years, it only appeared on YouTube in recent weeks and only came to our attention today and is so good we felt it deserved a wider audience.

It comes from rugby league and the 1994 Regal Trophy Final between Castleford and Wigan and it soon becomes patently clear which side of the fence the commentator in question is situated.

The piece of commentary above covers two specific incidents, a dirty blow by a Wigan player that results in a yellow card and a try which all but seals victory for Castleford seconds later.

It’s hard to tell which incident our friend becomes more excited about, but there’s loads of passion, plenty of profanities and a healthy dollop of a very strong Yorkshire accent in what is up there with the best example of ridiculously biased local commentary since this…

Video via YouTube/Diddididi