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30th Jan 2015

Video: This is a pretty cool way to find out you’ve just won an all-expenses trip to the Superbowl

We’re not jealous of this guy; we’re not jealous at all

Conor Heneghan

We’re not jealous of this guy; we’re not jealous at all.

Who are we kidding? We are, of course, incredibly jealous of one lucky guy and his girlfriend who will be jetting off to see Superbowl XLIX in Arizona this weekend and will have all their expenses looked after to boot.

The lucky guy in question won the amazing package courtesy of betting firm Matchbook, who weren’t content to simply tell him the news.

Instead, a week before the big event, they called in some help from his girlfriend and from others to stage an elaborate series of events that should have given the lucky winner some idea of what was going on.

The idea behind the elaborate giveaway came from the guys at Instamedia, who were also responsible for the Kearys MINI Irish Roadtrip and The Radio Meow Prank, which both featured on the site in the past.

Nice work lads.

Hat-tip to Patrick Parfrey and Paul McWilliams for the heads up on this one