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13th Aug 2014

Video: This might just be the worst dive in the history of boxing

Chinese heavyweight Zhang Zhilei's first win on US soil is probably one of the dodgiest you'll ever see.


Chinese heavyweight Zhang Zhilei’s first win on US soil is probably one of the dodgiest you’ll ever see.

We thought we had seen it all in boxing, and then we saw this.

Zhang Zhilei won silver as super heavyweight in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the big fella remained as an amateur to fight in London, where he went out at the quarter-final stage to the behemoth that is Anthony Joshua.

Zhilei turned pro in March of this year and on Friday he had his first pro fight against a guy called Curtis Tate, in Las Vegas, live on ESPN.

Tate, aged 30 with a distinctly unimpressive 7-4 record to date, lasted just 17 seconds against Zhilei but it was the punches that sent him sprawling that have raised an eyebrow or two.

A punch by Zhilei hits the gloves of Tate before a punch to the shoulder sends the American flying to the canvas for a KO.