Video: This world first BMX trick is absolutely amazing... 9 years ago

Video: This world first BMX trick is absolutely amazing...

The BMX rider Ryan Williams recently landed a world first ‘front-flip into forward bike flip’ and it’s quite possible one of the coolest BMX tricks we’ve ever seen.

When the guys at Nitro Circus do something, they make sure to do it big and there was certainly no exception for their recent European Tour.


One of the biggest tricks to be landed throughout the tour was this absolutely epic ‘front-flip into forward bike flip’ by the Aussie scooter pro Ryan Williams.

Here’s what Nitro Circus had to say on YouTube: “Throwing down almost a dozen different world firsts including the Silly Willy, laid out double front-flips, front flip scooter flips, and a whole bunch more, R-Willy has proven to be one of the most talented action sports athletes on the planet, as well as the world's best scooter rider.

“However, scooters aren't all he rides. He's also an extremely skilled BMXer, hucking down tricks that most people wouldn't even dream of throwing off the 50-foot high Nitro Gigant-A-Ramp.


“On our recent European Tour - Willy threw down his first BMX world first - a front flip, forward bike flip.”