Video: This Zimbabwean Irishman is one of Tipperary's biggest fans 7 years ago

Video: This Zimbabwean Irishman is one of Tipperary's biggest fans

This is Vernam Timbimi, Zimbabwean Irishman massive Tipp fan.

This video was sent into us by Edith Carroll, one of three Tipperary women currently volunteering in Mozambique, and shows Vernam in all his Premier glory.


Edith writes to us... 

Ten of us are currently volunteering in Mozambique in East Africa and among us are three Tipp women; two Bansha women and one Nenagh woman! We are based in the Young Africa skills training centre in Beira and the charity we are working with is called 'Serve'. With their partners here, Young Africa, we are building, teaching English and also setting up a new internet café at their Agri-tech centre.

We are here just over a week now and we have already met so many amazing people but one of the best characters we have met is a Zimbawean Irishman, Vernam Timbini, who has been coming down to work on the Serve project here every year since 2008.


His English is top notch (having been taught in Zimbabwe by an Irish nun) and he has even picked up some colloquial Irish phrases that you probably wouldn't hear two much around Harare where he is from - 'Grand', 'You know like' and 'Some job' to mention but a few!!!

Naturally, being Tipp women, we're pretty gutted to be missing the big event in Thurles tomorrow but having shown Vernam Johnny B's Tipperary rap and song he was immediately inspired!! This is the result....

We can't be there lads but go n-éirí an tádh libh from your Irish, German, Zimbawean and Mozambican fans 5000k across the world!!!

Edith, Rachel, Vernam and Lindsay.


"Is breá liom Tiobraid Árann, Hurley in the hand first thing in the morning!"