Video: Two guys stun onlookers as they BASE-jump out of building in London 8 years ago

Video: Two guys stun onlookers as they BASE-jump out of building in London

These boys have some serious sets of stones...

Two men shocked members of the public as they walked to the 48th floor of the Pan Peninsula building near Canary Wharf, London, and BASE-jumped from a balcony.


The two men breezed up to the bar on the top floor, cool as you like, and leaped off the building wearing no safety gear other than a helmet and a parachute. The guys even seem to be wearing chinos and smart shoes so maybe they wanted to be well dressed in case the jump went wrong…

According to the Independent, onlookers heard the duo say “see you later guys,” and “have fun, see you,” before they took flight and released their chutes.

All the action is captured on a camera strapped to one of the jumpers and the footage is amazing to see. The nonchalance of one of the men as he lands is amazing and he can be heard casually saying, ‘greetings’ to a member of the public at ground level.


Unfortunately for the two lads, BASE-jumping from privately-owned buildings is illegal in most countries and you can see the pair quickly scurry off after their arrival back to earth in order to escape prosecution.

However, the video shows the pair being pulled over by Police in the closing sequences although the Independent reports that they were not charged.

BASE-jumping is an acronym which stands for; buildings antenna, span and earth, in case you didn't know, so it basically means jumping off tall structures whether they are man-made or natural.

All that JOE knows is that we are happy enough with our feet on the ground...


Video via EpicTV.