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20th Nov 2014

Video: Very cool GoPro footage of an Irish guy surfing on a longboard in Donegal

Everybody's gone surfin'... Surfin' Bundoran...

Joe Harrington

Everybody’s gone surfin’… Surfin’ Bundoran…

Bundoran is one of the best places in Ireland to go surfing and if you ever go to the Donegal town, there are always plenty of boards out in the water.

We’ve gone surfing a good few times but calling what we do “surfing” is pushing it.

The term for what we do is “using the board as a flotation device in between falling off it every three minutes”. We still look cool, right? Anyone?

Anyway, this guy who was surfing in Bundoran is way better than us. He attached a GoPro to the front of his longboard and showed us what he can do, pretty cool stuff.

YouTube credit: sharkydaly.

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