Video: Watch this ridiculous dunk from a 6'2" 12-year-old kid 8 years ago

Video: Watch this ridiculous dunk from a 6'2" 12-year-old kid

Our alternative title is: "World's tallest 12-year-old dominates basketball game"


We've all been there as children, the one horrifying moment that defines your sporting career for years to come. You turn up fully kitted out at your under-12s game in all your gear to play ball, only to find out that the other team has a player who's three feet taller and one hundred pounds heavier than you, and it's your job to mark him.

If you rise to the challenge, as we're sure players like Roy Keane did, there's no limit to how far your ability can take you, and if you fail, you may well never return to the arena where you faced your greatest humiliation, unwilling to experience the terror again or unable to escape the flashbacks.

Those who faced 6th grader Shemar Morrow (that's 6th Class for us folks) may fall in to the latter category, and once he comes into shot, we were unable to resist the temptation to shout out "Ah here". Towering above the other children on the court, the 6'2" Shemar slams home a ridiculous dunk, which one parent or coach on the sideline (look at the very left of the shot) celebrates a little too much given the ease with which he is able to get to the basket.

No camera angle can accurately capture the desolation on the faces of these poor children.