VIDEOS: 7 Insanely passionate sporting national anthems that got the heart pumping 7 years ago

VIDEOS: 7 Insanely passionate sporting national anthems that got the heart pumping


Some renditions of national anthems are good, some are bad, but when they're sung with passion and intensity, they make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.


This is what happens when sport is transcended for a minute or two, and everyone in the stadium or watching on TV are united as one.

'God Save the Queen'/'Amhrán na bhFiann'/'Ireland's Call' - Ireland v England

This was Croke Park and England were the visitors; it couldn't get much bigger.

There was a huge amount of tension in the week building up to this moment, because a lot of Irish people were worried that 'God Save the Queen' would not be respectfully observed by the home faithful; a reaction that would have, in theory, knocked back Anglo-Irish relations a couple of decades.


Thankfully, and rather beautifully, both anthems were impeccably appreciated by each set of supporters, with the tears of John Hayes now permanently ingrained in Irish folklore.

Every Irish person of the right age remember where they were when this happened.

Clip via YouTube/docathail


'Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau' - Wales v England

England seem to bring out the best in their opposition's national pride, and we're very thankful for that.

There is nothing quite like the Welsh anthem being sung at full blast inside a closed Millennium Stadium.

The whole nation came together here as a massive and glorious choir. They seem to all have fantastic voices.


We listened back to this recently and got absolutely lost in its quality.

Fantastic stuff.

Clip via YouTube/Julian Zee

'Flower of Scotland' - Scotland v Spain


Scottish singer-songwriter Amy Macdonald really got an incredibly partisan home crowd going here before Scotland's crucial game against the world champions, Spain.

It was needed.

You could listen to this repeatedly thanks to Macdonald's terrific voice, backed up wonderfully by a passionate crowd.

This is a truly rousing rendition of an already great anthem.

Clip via YouTube/Silosaft

'Il Canto degli Italiani' - Italy v Wales

There are better known renditions of the brilliant Italian national anthem, but there is something about this version that really makes the pulses race.

An Irish friend of this JOE took time aside to learn how to play and sing this anthem, and we can very much see why.

Fully of energy, ambition, determination and, of course, passion, we could listen to this all day long.

The Italians really know a good tune.

Clip via YouTube/RBS 6 Nations

'La Marseillaise' - England v France

This is an example of how a country's anthem can bring much of the world together in grief.

England hosted France in a friendly match last November in a game that was completely insignificant, considering the tragic events which occurred in Paris less than a week earlier.

Both sets of players and supporters sang in unison, while everyone else watching on TV looked on in appreciation.

The fact that the French players even showed up for this game, considering a few of them were personally impacted by the attacks, was inspirational in itself.

An extremely bittersweet moment...

Clip via YouTube/Relax Brain

'Hino Nacional Brasileiro' - Brazil v Croatia

There was massive pressure on Brazil ahead of the 2014 World Cup, especially in the opening match against Croatia, and the tension can be seen during this anthem.

So much goes on here; Neymar nearly in tears at the beginning, David Luiz close to actually exploding with pride and the lovely cutaway to Brazilian-born Eduardo in the Croatian dugout.

Of course, the standout element is when the players and fans ignore the music at the end and continue to belt out the lyrics.


Clip via YouTube/조현석

'Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrica' - South Africa v New Zealand

This moment meant so much more than a Rugby World Cup Final, which itself would normally be big enough.

The enduring image from this clip is the presence of Nelson Mandela, kitted out in the South Africa jersey, and symbolising a hugely positive change from the dark days of South African history.

There was so much pride poured out by the nation over these couple of minutes, with Mandela standing stoically alongside the team that was about to win the Rugby World Cup.


Clip via YouTube/Pierre Geumez

(Even though it's not an anthem) The Haka - New Zealand v France

As nice as 'God Defend New Zealand' is as a national anthem, there is nothing quite like the Haka to whet the appetite.

Few routines, if any other, attract people who have no interest in sport to tune in and watch this ancestral war cry.

It's tough to pick the defining Haka, but this one from the 2011 Rugby World Cup Final, when the Kiwis hosted France, is right up there.

The pressure was immense on the home nation to deliver only its second ever World Cup.

They delivered, and this wonderful performance certainly helped.

Clip via YouTube/World Rugby

They're just some examples of amazing national anthems. Feel free to suggest more by getting in touch on our WhatsApp number 087-4001102, or by hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter.