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25th Jun 2014

Vine: This kid produced the funniest and creepiest celebration we’ve seen in a very long time

Where the hell did he learn moves like that...

Joe Harrington

Where the hell did he learn those moves…

We’ve all been at big sporting events when the camera pans onto the crowd. What usually happens is the faces of those lucky enough to be in the vicinity are projected on to a giant screen in the stadium, it’s a clever move when there’s a delay or hold-up in play.

The usual Irish reaction to that is to be absolutely mortified and cover our mugs although we might throw in a cheeky wave or a thumbs up. In America, it’s a little different. This kid was picked out by a cameraman at a game in Miami last night and what happened next is very bizarre.

We don’t know if we’re scared or really happy but we can’t stop watching it…