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15th Jun 2018

The vuvuzela has made a return to the World Cup and football fans are not happy…

Rudi Kinsella


We thought it was gone for good.

The 2010 World Cup was fairly crap. It had its moments, but overall, the tournament in South Africa was not an enjoyable one.

There was just nothing that stood out. Well, when we say that, we should stress that nothing good stood out.

Two things stood out in our minds about that World Cup, and they were both extremely frustrating.

The first being the ball. The Jabulani was definitely the most talked about ball of all time – with every single piece of analysis and commentary focusing on the fact that the ball was too light.

And the second being the vuvuzela.

The vuvuzela was a deafening horn that absolutely destroyed the atmosphere of every single game in the 2010 tournament, and ruined the viewing experience at home for everyone not in South Africa.

And then we had the 2014 World Cup, and everything was class. No ball controversies. No horrible trumpet sounds.

And the 2018 World Cup had been going brilliantly.

Until Morocco vs Iran.

Despite the game itself being quite exciting, for some unknown reason, the thousands of fans in attendance seem to all have vuvuzelas.

Naturally, people watching at home are not happy.

We’re seriously hoping that this is just a once off, and it doesn’t stick around for the whole tournament.