WATCH: Australian cricket player caught cheating mid-game on the big screen 4 years ago

WATCH: Australian cricket player caught cheating mid-game on the big screen

The Australian captain also confessed to knowing about the plan to cheat ahead of time.

On Saturday, Australia were playing Day 3 of their Test against South Africa.


In the middle of the game, Australian player Cameron Bancroft was caught rubbing the ball against "something yellow", which was then seen on the screen during the game.

The umpires met mid-match, and questioned Bancroft, who convinced them at the time that nothing untoward had happened.

After the game however, as Bancroft was charged with ball tampering shortly after the game had finished.


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During a post-game interview (as reported by Fox Sports), Bancroft admitted to cheating:

"I saw an opportunity to potentially use some tape to get some granules from the rough patches on the wicket and try to change the ball condition.

"It didn’t work. Once cited on the screens and having done that I panicked quite a lot and that obviously resulted in me shoving it down my trousers."


Additionally, the team's captain Steve Smith admitted to knowing about the ball-tampering plan ahead of time, saying that an unnamed person had raised the idea:

"It’s not what we want to see in the game, it’s not what the Australian cricket team is about, and being the leader of the team I’m incredibly sorry for trying to bring he game into disrepute the way that we did today.

"I’m not proud of what’s happened. It’s not within the spirit of the game. My integrity, the team’s integrity, the leadership group’s integrity has come into question and rightly so.

"It’s not on. It’s certainly not on and it won’t happen again under my leadership, I can promise you that."


The level two breach of conduct could see them facing a Test ban.