UPDATE: Cyclist at Olympic Road Race suffers horrific crash on descent 6 years ago

UPDATE: Cyclist at Olympic Road Race suffers horrific crash on descent

This is just awful...

Anna van Vleuten was leading the Women's Road Race as it came into the closing stages this evening as she descended the final climb of the course.


The Dutch cyclist was descending the climb when she reached a sharp bend and was unable to make the turn at speed.

She braked sharply which forced her bike sideways and momentum ended up bucking her over the handlebars of her bike in a sickening crash.

The descent is notoriously difficult and caused major problems for a number of riders in the men's race yesterday when former Tour de France winner Vincenzo Nibali also crashed out while leading the race.

Anna was conscious following the accident and has since been taken to hospital for further examination.


Former Olympic medalist and cycling commentator Chris Boardman was irate following the crash blaming the course for that crash and a number of crashes in the men's race yesterday.

"I'm actually quite angry because I looked at the road furniture and thought nobody can crash here and get up. This was way past technical, this was dangerous," Boardman said.

It's heartbreaking for van Vleuten who was leading at the time but serious question marks have to be raised over the safety of the course which also had numerous crashes in the men's race yesterday.

The safety of the riders has to be a priority.



A further update has come in on the health of Anna van Vleuten reporting that she has suffered a severe concussion and three fractures in her lumbar spine.

She will remain intensive care overnight.