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Could this be the year that Mayo finally break the curse?

Celebrity endorsements haven't helped the cause in the past, but last night Eric Bana

After Tubs explained to Bana that Mayo "keep nearly winning," Bana asked "So can you get me one of their scarves?"

"What are they called, Mayo? That's my team. Go Mayo!"

Bana's rationale for getting behind the ill-fated cause is the parallels that Tubridy drew between Mayo and Bana's own AFL team St Kilda's.

Photos on Twitter suggest that Eric Bana did end up getting a Mayo jersey as well. Maybe he'll be able to swing by Croke Park this September to see where Sam ends up.


Also notable was Tubs' admission that he believes that Mayo is only Ireland's second-most beautiful county after Galway. We can see that causing some tension in the region...

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