WATCH: Floyd Mayweather said some very complimentary things about Conor McGregor 6 years ago

WATCH: Floyd Mayweather said some very complimentary things about Conor McGregor

Did somebody say, money fight?

You will have heard by now that Conor McGregor is chasing history at UFC 205 in November when he aims to become the first fighter in UFC history to hold two titles simultaneously.


If you missed his hilarious press conference, you can see all the memorable quotes from the event here.

It's been some months since Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather were heavily rumoured to be facing each other in a bout, so we suppose it's about time that rumour started up again.

The rumour appeared to have some legs at one point as many media outlets reported that a deal was close to being struck between the pair. But in reality, the fight never happened, McGregor won his rematch with Nate Diaz and Mayweather stayed in retirement.

Speaking to TMZ Sports on Wednesday, Mayweather spoke about the fight that was between McGregor and himself.


"Within my company, I'm the boss," Mayweather said. "I call the shots. I think that the fight is very difficult to make. I tried to make that before, it didn't happen but you live and you learn."

With Mayweather owning a promotion company himself, Mayweather Promotions, it was always unlikely that the UFC and himself would agree terms amongst themselves with the UFC usually against co-promotion.

TMZ Sports also asked Mayweather what his thoughts were on McGregor seemingly trying to emulate him and attempt to build his own brand.

"If he did take anything from me, if he did steal my blueprint then, I think it's a good thing. I think he's a hell of a fighter. He can fight. He can box real good. As far as stand up, he's very good at standing up fighting. Everyone is asking me ‘are we going to fight' and I just don't know."


But when quizzed on if he would be emerging from retirement, 'Money' said: "I'm loving retirement, but for a couple more bucks you just don't know."

Video via TMZSports