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She’s no Henry Shefflin but she got there eventually.

Today, January 26, is Australia Day and while it might not be the country of their birth, the many, many Irish people Down Under were happy to join in the celebrations.

A big group of them in Melbourne were taking full advantage of the fine weather at St. Kilda Beach to celebrate the day with a few beverages outside and their enjoyment levels increased when a friendly policewoman tried her hand at hurling for the first time.

A JOE reader who sent us the video below tells us that though it was filmed at 6pm and the crowds were supposed to have stopped drinking by 5pm, she was happy to allow a little leeway for the day that was in it.

She was also more than happy to give hurling a go and though her skills might need a little work, she eventually put hurl to sliotar, much to her own delight and the delight of the watching audience.

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