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21st Jan 2018

WATCH: John Malkovich will get you PUMPED in the greatest sport event trailer ever made

Rory Cashin


We’ve all seen teasers and trailers for movies and TV shows and sporting events and, well, practically everything at this point.

Which makes this teaser all the better, as Malkovich arrives at the beginning of it by making fun of the very idea of teaser trailers, before delivering the most awe-inspiring narration over the backdrop of incredibly powerful music, that you can’t help but get completely caught up in it.

So here’s the breakdown:

You’ve got the Patriots, armed with arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, as well as arguably the great coach in living memory, and an incredibly high powered offence.

And then you’ve got the Jaguars, a bunch of young upstarts, overflowing with confidence and loaded with the number one rushing offence in the league, as well as having practically the best defence in every single category.

It is, as Malkovich puts it, a tale as old as time. It is David Versus Goliath.

The Jaguars V Patriots game kicks off at 8.05pm GMT, and the winner of the game will go on to face the winner of the NFC Championship Game, which will see the Vikings face off against the Eagles, and that game will begin at 11.40pm GMT.

Check out the amazing “teaser” below.