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29th May 2017

WATCH: Never has a funnier golf shot been struck in Ireland than this one at Shane Lowry’s home club in Offaly

You won't be able to watch this without laughing. We promise.

Conor Heneghan


“Did you get that on video? Oh, Jesus Christ. Oh, that’s going to be viral, you’re going to be famous.”

Even the most casual of golf fans will know that Esker Hills in Offaly is the club where the great Shane Lowry honed his game en route to becoming one of the best in the business.

It will now also be known as the location where one the funniest golf shots ever captured on camera in Ireland was struck.

The video below was sent our way by Damian Morrissey, whose colleague (who wishes to remain anonymous) got into a spot of bother in a water hazard while playing a round at the course on Sunday.

With the ball still playable – or at least appearing as if it might be playable – Damian’s colleague pulled a Jean de Velde and took off his shoes and socks, rolled up the legs of his trousers and waded into the water in an effort to pull off a miraculous escape.

What followed was pretty miraculous alright, as he took a wild swing and missed the ball completely and was then forced to duck as the club rebounded off the edge of the hazard and went flying into the water a good distance behind him.

The reaction of the man himself and of all of his playing partners on the day is just brilliant.

Clip via Trevor Sheahan

Damian informs us that his colleague is normally a very accomplished player, but, let’s be honest, never is in his life is he going to hit a more memorable shot than this.

Cheers to Damian Morrissey for sending this our way. Got a story for JOE? Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter or mail [email protected].