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21st Sep 2016

WATCH: New footage shows what happened prior to this push by Aidan O’Shea

Alan Loughnane

Photos only tell part of the story…

There was somewhat of a ruckus prior to last weekend’s drawn All-Ireland Final between Dublin and Mayo as the teams emerged from the tunnel at the same time.

According to the match programme on the day, Dublin were due out on the pitch at 2.56pm, two minutes prior to the Mayo team. But it was after 3.00pm before either side set foot on the pitch, entering at the same moment with plenty of old school shoulders being thrown in.

A photo emerged yesterday appearing to show Aidan O’Shea pushing Dennis Bastick, which caused anger amongst some GAA fans.

However, new footage has emerged of the incident which seems to suggest that Bastick wasn’t entirely innocent himself…

Again, the footage cuts off so we can’t see what happens immediately before and after the incident, but it looks like there was a pair of them in it and it was all harmless enough.

Let’s just look forward to a great game on Saturday week…