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01st Apr 2017

WATCH: Official wanders into the track and collides with 1500m race runners

Rory Cashin

We’ve all been there.

You’re in work and you’re not really paying attention and you’re walking about the place and you’re in your own little world and you’ve completely forgotten where you are and what you’re doing…

These things happen, and while most of us are in jobs that don’t pose any immediate danger to others should we drift away for a little bit, not everybody is in that position. Demolition experts, for example, don’t have that luxury.

Another person who probably should be paying a little bit more attention is this race official.

Off he goes, wandering across the track, and it is clear that somebody gave him a heads up just as the runners of the 1500m race are closing in on him, but it was too late.

Three of the runners were unable to finish the race, including three-time Olympian Michael Rimmer, who decided not to focus too badly on the negatives and just see it for what it was: a funny accident.