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21st Mar 2017

WATCH: Shop assistant in Kilkenny falls victim to very funny prank by Sean O’Brien

Patrick McCarry

“I’m a hurler.”

Sean O’Brien does like a bit of GAA but most folk would know him for his epic deeds on the rugby field.

‘The Tullow Tank’ is clearly enjoying his downtime after helping Ireland to a weekend win over England and a second place Six Nations finish.

O’Brien joined the Fuppin’ Eejits comedy gang in Kilkenny, on Monday, to take part in a couple of skits.

The first one ended up with O’Brien snapping at an over-eager rugby fan on the grounds of Kilkenny Castle. Pascal Papé is not the only one to feel his rage.

O’Brien and the lads next hit up Elvery’s sports store and posed as a club hurler from his native Carlow. Tasha Bell, the helpful shop assistant, had no clue that an Irish hero was in her presence as she sought to find him a rugby jersey that fit.

Suggesting medium was literally a stretch but O’Brien eventually wriggled the famous green jersey on.

Check out the video below. It’s definitely worth the watch.

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