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20th Sep 2016

WATCH: Tractor football is going on at the Ploughing Championships and it’s something else

Paul Moore

The big derby, Laois vs Offaly.

The rivalry between Dublin and Mayo took centre stage over the weekend but there’s a new game in town and it’s being contested by Laois and Offaly at the Ploughing Championships.

Yes, tractor football does exist and there are specific rules.

Here are a few of the main ones, as stated by referee Arthur O’Connor. 1) Reversing isn’t allowed, 2) you’re not allowed to move in front of another tractor, 3) the ‘attacking’ tractor will always have the right of way.

Right, now that you’re familiar with Ireland’s newest sport, take a look at what it’s like.

Fair play to Laois after beating their Midlands rivals.

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