Heading to the World Cup play-off games? You need to be wearing this Ireland jersey 3 years ago

Heading to the World Cup play-off games? You need to be wearing this Ireland jersey

You need to get your hands on this.

Thousands of Ireland fans left the country this morning to head to Copenhagen and there was only one thing on their mind; Go there, have a good time, get a good result (a win at best and at worst, a score-draw) and prepare themselves for Tuesday and what could possibly be the biggest game in Irish history since we went over to Iran in 2001.


We've only been in the World Cup a handful of times and if you're very lucky (and old enough), you'll remember all three. Italia '90, USA '94, Korea/Japan 2002 - a nation holding its breath, Ray Houghton's cheeky chip, Saipan and a certain man by the name of Toto Schillaci.

Italia '90 was our first World Cup and our most successful and we have a lot of fantastic memories from that competition and one of which is the beautiful away jersey that was worn by the Irish men who took to the field.


Sure, Giuseppe Bergomi of Italy hadn't a prayer of getting the ball off Steve Staunton while he was wearing that shirt, they were like men possessed in it.

We know what you're thinking, we want to look as cool as Staunton does wearing that white wonder and today - the day before our first play-off match with Denmark - is your lucky day.


Irish international soccer website You Boys in Green (YBIG) are selling a replica of the Ireland away jersey that was used in 1990 and it is going for the extremely cheap price of €45.

They call it a beaut, it is a beaut and you can get your hands on this beaut by just getting in touch with the men at YBIG and emailing YouBoysInGreen@gmail.com.

If you're reading this in Copenhagen and roaring at the screen saying 'WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME ABOUT THIS YESTERDAY?' Don't panic, the shirt can be collected in Dublin when you come back from your trip and it will be brand new and ready just in time for the second leg.