Yaya Toure's tribute to Muhammad Ali is poignant and fitting, Kolo Toure's tribute is...different 3 years ago

Yaya Toure's tribute to Muhammad Ali is poignant and fitting, Kolo Toure's tribute is...different

Near everyone was moved to express their sadness at the loss of a true icon.

In one way or another Muhammad Ali touched all of our lives, whether it was through his sporting prowess, his charismatic charm, his incredible generosity, or his strong political beliefs. Ali transcended boxing and inspired so many people in so many different ways.

It was clear from the outpouring of tributes on Saturday that stars of all sports were hugely affected by the great man's passing. It is a testament to his legacy that so many athletes of all descriptions cite him as their ultimate hero. And most weren't even born when he was in his stupendous prime.

Yaya Toure was one of the many to pay tribute to the Greatest. The Manchester City striker was keen to stress the impact that Ali had on African children growing up. The boxer was a regular visitor during his illustrious career, and fought some of his most memorable bouts on the continent.

His tweet, showing young Kinshasans running by the side of Ali's jeep in 1974, expressed a message that was both personal and universal in sentiment: 'RIP Muhammad Ali. You will always mean something special to me, Africa and the world. Thank you for all you did.'

If Yaya is the deep thinker of the Toure family, his slightly older brother Kolo is definitely the joker. The popular Liverpool defender also took to Twitter to mark the Champ's passing, and did so in his own unique way, which was a far cry from that of his more serious sibling.

Instead of using one of the many iconic images of Ali through the years, Kolo Toure instead posted a smiling image of himself - a shades-wearing selfie no less. His message read: 'Very sad day for all the sport world. The legend of all of sport is gone. Mr Mohammed Ali the greatest of the greatest.'

The spelling of the name may have been incorrect, and the image rather incongruous, but it raised a giggle amongst many of his followers, and there was no mistaking the genuine nature of his words.