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07th Nov 2014

9 things we all experience while playing Football Manager

This should bring back plenty of memories...

Joe Harrington

This should bring back plenty of memories…

The new Football Manager game is out today and we all know that means the social lives of thousands of Irish men will disappear, so your significant others will have to get used of the glare of a laptop all over your face for the next year.

The release of the game today has caused various flashbacks of the countless hours we spent playing Football Manager/Championship Manager and after a chat in the JOE office we’ve come up with nine things we all experienced playing the game.

The game is serious business and we are deadly serious about every one of the items on the list below. See if you recognise any of them.

Getting really ratty with members of your family because you didn’t get promoted


Being very cocky by giving an ultimatum but then losing your job


Taking over another club and selling players to yourself for next to nothing

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Snapping out of the Football Manager trance and realising it’s 5am in the morning


Losing a Champions League Final so you keep quitting the game until you win it

Cheating gif

You attempt to take Barnet (or a crap team) to the Premier League but give up after a month


Telling all your buddies about the “next big thing” as if you’ve been scouting them around Spain for years

Miz gif

Opinions of footballers in real life are skewed by how they are in the game (1)

When you’re on a losing streak, you go on holiday and hope things are better when you get back