A new app helps you find the nearest toilet in any given city 6 years ago

A new app helps you find the nearest toilet in any given city

In fairness, Airpnp is the perfect name.

Ever get caught short in the middle of town and the only available jacks is under lock and key or in a state of complete and utter misery, a la the bookies in Trainspotting? We're asking for a friend.


This 'friend' of ours will be very happy to learn of Airpnp, a new app where you can advertise and available of your/your business's toilet, with users even able to rate their experiences afterwards.

What a world we live in. Time to get the good Andrex in.

Even better is the company tagline - 'Leak easy' - which is simply genius.


The app was created by co-founders Travis Laurendine and Max Gaudin in New Orleans during Mardi Gras and has taken off in European cities like Antwerp and London, where many students are advertising their university facilities in the hopes of making a few quid.

"If you're on a busy street in New York, you're literally surrounded by hundreds of toilets but you can't use them because they are in people's apartments," Laurendine says.

With the click of a button you can check to see if a toilet is available, and it's then down to the owner of the property to decide whether fit for the throne.