Apple just introduced a new update for iPhones, here's what's been added 3 years ago

Apple just introduced a new update for iPhones, here's what's been added

This is what's new...

Apple officially released iOS 10.3 to the world today in what is a major update for the tech company.


The official release follows several beta versions which were rolled out for testing over the last number of months.

Some of the updates are more significant than others, but here's a quick rundown of what's new...

The first change is a tweak to allow people find their AirPods more easily after people were constantly misplacing the wee little rascals. In the Find My Phone section, there will be an option to play a noise from one or both of the AirPods, which may help you locate them if they've disappeared down the back of your couch again.

It will also let you see where you last had your AirPods synced up on a map, a true "they're always in the last place you look" move.

Siri will also be granted access to your payment apps so you can pay by voice activation or check the status of bills without searching manually.

In iOS 10.3, there's a new Podcasts app that looks similar to the Music app widgets and is hoped to make  the process of listening to and sharing podcasts by iMessage much easier.

Apple is also updating all iOS devices to APFS, which is a new file system. The new system is optimised for flash, solid-state-drive storage and better encryption but you probably won't notice a whole pile of difference.


Here are some of the other features included in the new update:

  1. Siri will support scheduling with ride booking apps
  2. CarPlay will display shortcuts in the status bar for your last used apps
  3. CarPlay's Apple Music Now Playing display will give you access to Up Nex as well as the currently playing song's album
  4. iTunes video rentals can now be watched across all your devices, rather than just the one you rented it on (about time!).
  5. You can now share episodes from the Podcasts app through Messages and play them easily
  6. Hourly weather in Maps using 3D Touch on the displayed current temperature