Check out Ireland’s BIGGEST curved TV screen… it’s 105” & only €82,599 8 years ago

Check out Ireland’s BIGGEST curved TV screen… it’s 105” & only €82,599

105”; 5k resolution; €82,599… but does it have Teletext?

Feast your eyes on a television that’s bigger than a grown man and more expensive than a brand new sports car. This is the LG Ultra HD 5K UC9 TV. A big TV deserves a big name, but we’ll just call it the LG 105” TV for ease.


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The LG 105” TV is the largest curved TV ever made and you can check it out for yourself down in the Henry Street window of Arnotts Dublin throughout May.

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The screen will be showing the best of Netflix’s 4K content, so you’ll be able to see it’s crystal clear picture for yourself.


We were down at Arnotts when this giant was unveiled so we can assure you that it’s incredibly crisp with vivid colours. It would want to be for €82,599...

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I'm 6ft, just to give you an idea of the size


Okay, so at €82,599 not everyone is going to buy it and LG even said that it’s aimed at people who have their own home cinemas and who want to upgrade from older projection technology. Fair enough.

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Still, it’s an incredible piece of kit and well worth a look if you get the chance. Just imagine watching a football match on something that big.

You’d feel like you were on the pitch yourself, but you’d want to be careful not to header an imaginary ball, only to have your head go through the screen.


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Here’s a look at the specs for all the tech fans out there…

105” TV
5120 x 2160 Resolution
3D functionality
Ultra Surround sound
4x HDMI ports
Wi-Fi built in
Dimensions (including stand): 2494mm x 1512mm x 486mm
Weight (including stand): 155kg

Along with the new 105” TV, LG announced they are also opening the first ‘home entertainment Tech Zone’ in Ireland in the technology area of Arnotts.


The new Tech Zone will be kitted out with LG hardware in a living room setting, allowing you to see what it would be like in your own home. For more check out the Arnotts website.