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Brought to you by Ubisoft.

Ever wanted to be a samurai, a knight or a Viking?

Well, one lucky competition winner will be able to live that dream and get a brand new Xbox One into the bargain. Excited? You should be!

For Honor was one of the most anticipated games of 2017 and its ultra-realistic combat play has seen it generate some serious buzz ahead of its release. Forget your button-bashing hack ‘em ups.  Ubisoft's latest release is a thinking man’s war game, where a single wrong move can leave you at the mercy of your enemy.

Players choose from one of three factions: knights, samurai or Vikings. Each faction has their own unique fighting style, abilities and equipment.


For Honor has already been hailed as one of the most exciting franchises of the year. Check out our video preview for a closer look at the action.

So how can you win an Xbox One console and a free copy of the game? Simply answer the question below to be in with a shout.

Fill out my online form.

For Honor is out now. 

Brought to you by Ubisoft.

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