This story behind Donald Trump's liked tweets is bizarre 2 years ago

This story behind Donald Trump's liked tweets is bizarre

Really doesn't seem worth the hassle to be honest.

As we're sure you're aware, Donald Trump is fond of a tweet or two. Closer to 50,000 actually. At the time of writing, he's tweeted 10 times already today.


In the past we've seen him tweet about basically everything in the world.

From offensive attacks towards a number of female congresswomen, to criticising Twilight star Robert Pattinson for getting back with Kristen Stewart, he tweets about everything.

Yep, that one actually happened:

But what you may not know, is that Trump very rarely likes tweets that appear on his timeline.


This is almost certainly because of the arduous process that he goes through if he chooses to do so.

According to New York Magazine, "President Trump likes a tweet, he has a staffer print it, then he signs it, then he sends the paper copy of the tweet to the person who sent it."

This is in reference to an incident that saw Trump like one of Matthew Gaetz's tweets, then have it printed, signed by himself, and then sent to Gaetz’s congressional office, where the now-framed tweet hangs.



Strangely enough, Trump has only liked three posts on his account, two of which appear to be insulting him.

One says that "he's not presidential material", while another says that he has hurt the GOP as much as anybody.

Like we said, bizarre.

He has however liked and unliked a number of other posts on his account, which can no longer be seen.