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Twitter has explained why Donald Trump’s Twitter account was deactivated last night
That was a glorious 11 minutes.

Unprofessional as it undoubtedly was, we’d still love to buy this person a pint.

Twitter has explained the circumstances behind the disappearance of the Twitter account of US President Donald Trump for a brief period on Thursday night.

Screenshots such as the one below starting spreading like wildfire on social media on Thursday evening when it seemed as if the account of the leader of the free world had suddenly been deactivated without explanation.

Donald Trump

The curiosity, and indeed, giddiness, that greeted the disappearance of Trump’s account didn’t last for long as it was restored within 11 minutes of being deactivated.

Having initially attributed it to human error, a Twitter investigation subsequently determined one of the oldest explanations in the book, that it was the work of a disgruntled Twitter customer support employee on their last day in the job.


The identity of said employee may never be revealed, but even though they were guilty of a fairly damning lack of professionalism, the reaction to the revelation suggests they won’t be short of a job offer or two and there’ll be a long queue of people waiting to give them a pat on the back.

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