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05th Apr 2017

Dublin ranked as one of the top 20 tech cities in the world

Conor Heneghan


Well deserved.

With major companies such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and more all setting up prominent bases in the capital in recent years, Dublin has firmly established itself as one of the tech capitals of Europe and the world.

A report by renowned global real estate services provider Savills has confirmed Dublin’s burgeoning reputation as an elite tech city, ranking it in 12th place on a list of the top 22 cities for tech around the world.


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Released in February of this year, the Savills report assessed cities around the globe using 100 individual metrics, ranging from the number of days needed to start a business through to the cost of a flat white coffee.

The metrics are grouped into five categories: business environment, tech environment, city buzz and wellness, talent pool and real estate costs. Each category is weighted to reflect its importance to the sector.

You can see how Dublin performed in each of the individual categories here, but in an overall context, it ranked in 12th place, just ahead of Seattle and just behind Stockholm, with three American cities occupying the top three places and London and Amsterdam meriting a mention in the top five.

World’s top cities for tech

  1. Austin (USA)
  2. San Francisco (USA)
  3. New York (USA)
  4. London (UK)
  5. Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  6. Toronto (Canada)
  7. Copenhagen (Denmark)
  8. Boston (USA)
  9. Berlin (Germany)
  10. Singapore
  1. DUBLIN (Ireland)

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