Watch out for latest Facebook hoax which is already catching people out 1 year ago

Watch out for latest Facebook hoax which is already catching people out

Be aware, don't be next.

A Facebook post that's doing the rounds is spreading false information about the website's blocking function and has been called a hoax.

The post suggests that users can discover if they are being "stalked" by strangers on the social media site and how they can find the list of their unknown strangers who are following their activity.

It says that if users search the words "following me" in the block section of Facebook's profile setting, it will draw up the list of names.

However, the list is not a record of secret followers that you may have but rather, a result of people who have the words 'following' or 'me' on their Facebook page whether that be in their username or throughout their profile.

According to Tech Insider, the post reads:

“Learned something that was rather disturbing tonight. Time to tighten up security on your Facebook profiles!!“I just blocked about 20 foreign people from following my profile and I thought I was already locked down! If you go to Account Settings > Blocking > Block Users and type in ”following me“, without the quotes, you may possibly see a bunch of people following you that you don't know Block each one and confirm!”

At the moment, Facebook does not allow their users to see who is viewing their profile and it isn't something that has been talked about either.

The following button does, however, allow strangers to see public changes to your Facebook profile and messing around with the function is not advised.