Five home comforts we could do with right now 3 months ago

Five home comforts we could do with right now

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Staying at home is the new going out.


Or at least that's what we're telling ourselves. The world's landscape has changed and the new normal is still feeling a little bit abnormal. We all want to be back doing the things we love as we did in the halcyon days of... 2019.

For now, however, we are adapting, we are getting on with it and we are making the most of what we have.

A lot of us have never spent as much time at home as we are right now. Whether it be for work, leisure, or comfort, how do we ensure our time at home is quality time?

Here are a few home comforts from GoGroopie which will help make all that time spent indoors that little bit easier.

Plug-In Wifi-Booster - WAS €58.07, NOW €15

Where would we be without the internet? Imagine being stuck at home and not having access to the internet? No streaming, no Zoom calls, no social media, you'd nearly be cut off from humanity entirely! The problem with our current situation is that most people are stuck at home and all vying for the same internet signal.


This booster will amplify your Wi-Fi signal extending its reach and usability. Convert that spare room into an office, even head out to the garden and log on from there, this booster will get your signal sorted.

Wireless Apple & Android Compatible Earbuds & Charge Case - NOW ONLY €9.99 YOU SAVE 82%

Good for outdoors or indoors, earbuds of the wireless Bluetooth variety are as handy as it gets. No twisted wires, or loose jack connections.

You can get perfect audio quality as far away as 15 metres away from your connected device. Perfect for hoovering upstairs whilst listening to your favourite podcast.


Oversized Cosy Blanket Hoodie - NOW ONLY €22.99 YOU SAVE 48%

Someone, possibly in Game of Thrones, once said, 'Winter is coming'. They weren't wrong. It's on the way whether we like it or not. How do we stay cosy and warm on the cold and wintry days that lie ahead?

An over-sized blanket hoodie sounds like just the ticket. Perfect for feeling all snug and cosy on those chilly days. Just pull up the hood and let the blanket do the rest. The bonus is you get to look like a cool Jedi sitting on the sofa.


3D Smartphone Screen Amplifier - NOW ONLY €6.99 YOU SAVE 79%

With everyone at home and looking to do the same things, there simply aren't enough screens in the house to cope.

The Smartphone Screen Amplifier amplifies your phone screen to a larger size so everyone can see it wherever you are. Simply stream your favourite videos/films and rest your phone on the stand to get started.


Non-Contact Handheld Portable Thermometer - NOW ONLY €19.99

We are all doing our best to stay safe and healthy. It can be worrying for us if we're not feeling quite 100%. Most of us would have to travel to our GP to see if we had a fever.

This handheld portable thermometer will tell you instantly what your temperature is with easy-to-read colour signals for normal, high and fever temperatures.

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Brought to you by GoGroopie