Football Manager knowledge lands student a real job in football 9 years ago

Football Manager knowledge lands student a real job in football

All those hours in front of the laptop are finally paying off for one Football Manager addict. There’s hope for the rest of us. Maybe.

We’ve all been told to stop playing Football Manager by somebody. Your Ma, your other half, your boss, your dentist; but as anyone who has ever touched the thing will tell you, it is more addictive than a heroin smoothie.


And the reason they all cite for you to put the damn thing down is that you’re ‘wasting your life’. But now, at long last, thanks to Vugar Huseynzade, you have a response.

According to ESPN, the Azerbaijani student has managed turn his in-depth knowledge of football, gleaned from the world of Football Manager, into a real-life job in football.

Huseynzade is now the coach of the FK Baku reserves, a team in the Azerbaijani Premier League after ‘impressing’ the officials at the club with his knowledge of the game (football) gained from the game (Football Manager).

Huseynzade was first employed by the club as an assistant back in February after meeting and convincing the vice-chairman of his skills. He has now been promoted and the 21-year-old is surely on the sort of meteoric rise that will see him end up in one of Europe’s finest clubs one day. Or maybe not.

"I've always wanted to work in football and have played Football Manager since 2002," Huseynzade told Scandinavian newspaper Aftonbladet. With real football now getting in the way of virtual football, we hope he can keep up his skills.

Still, after years of joke applications for vacant managerial positions, one has finally paid off. Whenever Trap goes, we’re dusting off the CV and highlighting our epic guidance of Tranmere to the League and Cup double with only an aging Pippo Inzhagi leading the line.

Thanks to JOE reader James Cregan for the tip-off.