Here's what happens when you ask Siri to sort your life out 5 years ago

Here's what happens when you ask Siri to sort your life out

Where would we be without Siri, Apple's chirpy personal assistant who lives in your phone and beatboxes on demand (seriously, try it if you haven't already)?

In truth, we'd probably be no worse off. Chatting to your mobile phone screen when you're anywhere other than your own home is still some way off being deemed socially acceptable. And if you have a strange accent he/she's pretty much worthless to you.


But we wanted to see just how good a life coach your little robotic pal can be when called upon in times of need. Can Siri sort your sh*t out for you?

We decided to aim all of our queries and complaints in the direction of an iPhone microphone, and this is what happened.

 Siri unfortunately isn't much accustomed to your LinkedIn account..

siri 31

To us, this sounds like a sly dig...

siri 8

A Sat Nav AND a friend!


siri 7

Okay it's time to address the love life...

siri 13

Okay let's talk about yours...

siri 14


Evading 101 from your 'assistant' Siri, here

siri 11

Knocked back by a not-even-that-clever robot...

siri 16


Pretty helpful advice in fairness, particularly after that awkward exchange

siri 6

Help a brother out...

siri 4


No Siri, I'm serious..

siri 3

10/10 on this one...

siri 19

To be honest you'd have been well within your rights to just tell me to f*ck off here...

siri 1

Hold me...siri 18

No avoiding the question this time...

siri 27

Well thanks, but anyway...siri 25

I don't even have a garden. Anyway I've just had some awful news...

siri 21

You're no fun. Let's see how you deal with this bombshell...

siri 23

Sadly true. All this disjointed conversation is making me tired...

siri 26

I apologise for the random stream of thought but...

siri 28

You really aren't as helpful as you advertise yourself to be, are you? I have one more issue we need to discuss...

siri 30

Siri always has the last word...

siri 29

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