Here's how you can see every Google search that you have ever made 4 years ago

Here's how you can see every Google search that you have ever made

It's always rather awkward when your Google searches get revealed.

Which is why were were rather alarmed when we found out that Google has an archive of all our searches.

Provided you made the search while logged in with your current Gmail or Google account, it's been recorded.

As Digital Spy reports, the vault holding your Google search history can be found over at

Google reassures us that they protect our privacy and security, with a nice "Only you can see this data", but if you look at your search history, it's all in the one place.

Google Search Fecal Matter

In an Inception-style twist, you can also look for your own search history. Perfect for when you need help remembering when you were looking for a song. Or just in case you wanted to solve a convoluted argument.

Google have even included an option that allows you to download your own search history, handy if you want to feel particularly ashamed of yourself.

Now that we've shown you this , we imagine that you'll want to know how to put a stop to it.

Web and App Activity

In among all the search profiling you can hit a "Details" option. A little bit of further rummaging will reveal an "Activity Controls" option which allows you to turn off any future recording of your searches.

Just switch off the slider marked "Web & App Activity" and your Google searches will only be logged by your ISP, your God and your destroyed inner child from now on.

Technology eh?

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