Here's why your old VHS tapes could be worth a lot of money 8 years ago

Here's why your old VHS tapes could be worth a lot of money

Quit your job and spend all of your life’s savings because you, my friend, could be sitting on a veritable goldmine.*

Remember those old VHS tapes that you used to watch religiously as a kid?


Well, it turns out that they could soon be worth quite a lot of money.

As rental stores gradually disappear from the streets, it seems that the time could be right to cash in on that cupboard full of old video cassettes.

And no, we’re not including that VHS tape that has "Home Alone" written on the side, but which is actually a home-made compilation of the best late-night episodes of Red Shoe Diaries.



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Speaking to The Metro, David Jinks, of international courier ParcelHero, said: “It’s time to learn the lesson of vinyl. Many once unloved and discarded original LPs and singles are now worth significant sums… an album can be worth up to £7,000 for the right version, with mint record and sleeve.”

“Today video tapes are considered just as ephemeral as records once were, and are fast disappearing from our homes.”


Jinks went on, saying, “There are few items more unwanted and unloved at the moment than old video tapes. Many people probably have a boxful in the loft, and no working VHS player to show them on. Most charity and second hand stores won’t even take them for free.”

“But it is precisely because they are being thrown out faster than you can say 'Betamax' that they will become collectables in the future.”

Whatever money you get for your old collection, we know they’ll always be priceless to you because you really can’t put a price on happy late-night memories.

Altogether now, ewwwwwwww awwwwwwww.


*Don't do anything of the sort. This is in no way a money-making guarantee you fool.