How Things used to be: 9 things we all remember from our first mobile phone 8 years ago

How Things used to be: 9 things we all remember from our first mobile phone

The good ol' days.

When every phone was built with the same resistance as an armoured tank and the most important financial question you had was 'how many 13c texts can I send with a €5 top-up?'


It's a different world now...

We've all moved on, but it's still great fun to look back at these 9 memories from our first phone.

Snake high-scores

Getting over the 1,000 point mark was a cause for celebration. What was your style? Did you use 2, 4, 6 & 8 or 1, 3, 7 & 9?



Pulling up the antenna when receiving a call

Did pulling up the antenna actually make any difference? Who knows...



Comparing ringtones

People used to actually pay for ringtones that sounded similar to chart hits and occasionally there was a genius who was able to devise his own with the custom maker.

Those modern day Mozarts were treasured.



13 cent per message

We reckon far more students knew their 13-times-tables in those days, because they needed to calculate how many texts they could send with the amount of credit they had.



WAP was slow internet and terrible graphics. 'Wireless Application Protocol' or 'Web Actively Plodding' as we preferred to call it.



The phone being completely indestructible

Old phones were build to last... a nuclear apocalypse.


Getting it confiscated in school

Or worse, your teacher answering a call in the middle of the class.


Changing the cover of your old Nokia

They weren't just phones, they were fashion accessories.



Sure, flip phones still exist, but they're nowhere near as popular as they used to be. The most dramatic hang up will always be the flip-phone hang up.


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