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24th Mar 2018

Instagram are set to make changes to the timeline again

Reuben Pinder

It’s good news, this time.

Nobody likes change, especially on social media. Every time there is a new update to Twitter or Instagram, there is uproar. Remember when we ‘favourited’ tweets instead of ‘liking’ them? The good old days. But we get used to it and eventually the outrage mellows and we realise we needn’t have got so upset.

The same thing happened when Instagram changed their timeline algorithm – whereas in the past it was purely chronological, with the most recent post at the top, the change aimed to show you what the app thought you would like first. People were angry, they know what they want to see better than an algorithm and they have carefully created a timeline to their tastes.

Instagram have listened to these voices and announced another change, going back towards the more chronological timeline. It still won’t be perfectly chronological, you might still see posts in a slightly jumbled order, but the algorithm has been altered to make it more like it was originally.

You will also be able to manually refresh, instead of having the app automatically refresh for you, allowing you to avoid losing where you are on the timeline.

Rejoice! You’re now less likely to click like on your crush’s post from five days ago accidentally.

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