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18th Jan 2018

Instagram test two new features in Europe, and one of them will make it more difficult to snoop

Rory Cashin


To anyone secretly checking out their crush online, your days are numbered.

According to The Verge, Instagram are rolling out two new features across Europe this month.

The first one is simply called ‘Type’, and it is essentially a new addition to your Instastories, alongside Boomerang and Live.

All it does it cut out a few steps in the posting process if all you want to do is stick up a text-only story, and isn’t all that dissimilar to what users can already do with the main Instastory of simply typing something over an image (or no image).

Clip via TNW

The second update, however, is where things get a little bit trickier.

According to WeBetaInfo, if you screenshot someone’s Instastory, that person will be sent a notification that you have taken that screenshot.

Image via WeBetaInfo

Apparently it won’t take hold immediately, as you may screenshot to your heart’s delight right now, but once the update has taken hold, you will be sent the above pictured warning saying that the next screenshot you take (and every screenshot taken thereafter) will result in that story’s owner being notified.

So keep that in mind the next time you’re on the app and sending the stories of that person you fancy for your own safe-keeping, because before too long, they’ll know exactly what you’re up to.

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