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JJ Abrams keeps us guessing with his interest in making games Half-Life and Portal into movies
JJ Abrams announces his interest in making movies of games Half Life and Portal

JJ Abrams announces his interest in making movies of games Half Life and Portal

By Genna Patterson

JJ Abrams seems to be the most wanted man in Hollywood. Not only is he working on Star trek: Into the Darkness, and signed up to direct the new Star Wars movie, but now it appears he wants to direct a movie version of game Half-Life too.

Pictured: Half-Life

Abrams has teamed up with Gabe Newell – the head of game developer Valve, according to Yahoo News. The pair spoke of their collaboration of Abrams company Bad Robot and Valve, in order to combine their strengths and learn from each other to produce games and movies.

Abrams said at a gaming press conference in Las Vegas; "There's an idea we have for a game that we'd like to work with Valve on. We're going to figure out if we can make a 'Portal' movie or 'Half-Life' movie together."

Pictured: Portal


Abrams has previously made the ‘handy cam’ movies Cloverfield and Super 8, and was the genius behind Lost which ran for six seasons. Portal and Half-Life are science fiction games involving a player protagonist. The player must solve puzzles and follow clues to move further on in the game. Portal is a pin off of Half-Life, set in a top-secret research facility and later, dystopian Earth. Half-Life is a first person shooter game.

There was no word about when these projects might occur, but the fact that they’re happening at all should be exciting news to the fans of the games. Abram’s movie style will certainly be able for the transition from game universe to film.

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