A new Snapchat update will allow users to share stories with people who don’t use Snapchat 4 years ago

A new Snapchat update will allow users to share stories with people who don’t use Snapchat

Only certain types of stories, mind.

People who don’t use or have never used Snapchat will be able to see certain stories from the app thanks to a new update that was rolled out on Tuesday.


Previously, Snapchat users didn’t have the option to share Snapchat content outside of the app, but the new update, available on the new, redesigned Snapchat – currently available to a limited number of users (such as Snapchat users in Canada and Australia) – will allow users of the app to send a link to view content on Snapchat.com by sending on a link or sharing it on another platform.

What should be stressed about the new feature is that is that only certain Snapchat stories are shareable outside of the app.

If you had a sudden inkling to share the events of last night on the town with your parents, for example (although we’ve no idea why you would), the new feature doesn’t work like that.

Instead, three types of stories will be available to share outside of the app: Official Stories, Our Stories and Search Stories.


For the uninitiated, Official Stories (available to view for 30 days) applies to stories created by verified Snapchat accounts, for example, celebrity accounts or those belonging to media organisations or sports teams.

Our Stories (available to view for 24 hours) applies to collaborative user-generated stories from specific events, for example, a music festival and Search Stories (available to view for 30 days) allows users to search specific keywords in ‘Search’ to see snaps from the wider Snapchat community.

To share stories using the new feature, users simply have to follow the steps below.

  • Press and hold on the Story tile in Discover to bring up a mini-profile
  • Select “Share Story” that appears alongside other options like “Subscribe”
  • Choose how you’d like to share the Story outside of Snapchat - by text, email, or by posting to other platforms. You can also copy the link.
  • Recipients of this link can then view the Story you shared through a new Story player on Snapchat.com

While only available to a limited number of users right now, the new feature will be available to Snapchat users around the world over the coming days and weeks.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel explained what’s coming in a video made late last year; expect to see some fairly big changes pretty soon...


Clip via Snapchat